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I. Intro Spike Lee is one of the many directors who in my opinion always want to keep people alert. Lee is a film director, producer, writer and actor. He is with no question a very intelligent man that believes he has a responsibility to try and explain the world of black folks and other minorities in their most genuine form. When it comes to making films, he always fulfils his responsibility to show the behind the scenes black personnel who are underrepresented in an industry dominated by white people. I already in agree with his view on how he makes his films. In a quote from an online source, Spike Lee says, "I've never really thought of myself as a spokesperson for 35 million African Americans.... All my views have been solely my…show more content…
Lee has produced over 35 films, 15 commercials, 11 television programs and music videos since 1983. Lee began to make his first film entitled Shes Gotta Have It, was made with 175,000 and grossed 7, 000,000 in the US. Lee went on to making his own film company in which he releases his films under, called 40 Arces & A Mule Fimworks which is located in The Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. He came up with the name from the "Forty acres and a mule" that African Americans were promised by the government at the close of the American Civil War. In Lee's views memorializing a society that is rife with broken promises to blacks. Often Lee uses Brooklyn as the setting for many of his theatrical releases, as well as creates a "floating" affect. Having the character portrayed as though they are floating along in a ghostly like state to say as though their in their own world. He also often puts himself in his films, from small rolls like in Clockers to leading in Do the Right Thing. Da Bomb malt liquor is often drunk by the charters if alcohol is used, mostly being street related films. Filming the movie in one day is also a common doing of Lee as was 25th Hour, Do the Right Thing and Inside Man. Currently, Lee is working on the Sequel to the 2006 film Inside Man. He lives with his wife Tonya Lewis Lee and their two kids, Satchel, 13 and Jackson, 10. He is 50 this year and going strong. From time to time he teaches film

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