Spill Out The Beans

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“Do give me a call, honey… huh, what's that supposed to mean, sister?” Adrian started to tease me when he drove us home, commenting on the hospitality presented by the teacher towards myself. It has been predicted that I’ll get pestered by him for the scene he has sighted. “Witnessing how she hugged you and the way she kissed your cheek before we left, clearly hinting her feelings. Why on earth that I’ve missed to see how charming my sister can be?” He added, bending his head slightly to me with a taunting grin. “She was only attempting to be nice Andy, nothing else. That’s what girls always do, don’t they?” “C’mon, sis. I can distinguish by the expression in her optics. So obviously, you know. Seems she can’t take her eyes off of you. How I wish there was a teacher calling and throwing me a special treatment like that.” “Hmm…” “And she kissed you when you scraped her car right? That states a whole heap.” Said my brother as he pulled the car to the garage. We went straight to the garden as soon as we arrived at home. Empty. Mum and dad weren’t at home. My two sisters, maybe they are engaged with piano lesson or whatever, I never knew exactly what they are doing. “I’ll grab some drink for us.” Adrian left to the kitchen and came back with two cans of cola. “Nothing much to do, I feel quite bored and we still have twelve day break. What about camping or travelling somewhere?” My twin started the conversation. Yea, in point of fact, I didn’t have plans at all for the school
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