Spin Doctoring

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Week 4 Homework Spin Doctoring Which paths(s) to persuasion is/are present in the global warming case? Both paths can be present in this, or any case. The peripheral route could occur if people who are listing, watching or discussing the global warming case are conserved with cues, such as fear of the ice caps melting. This route can occur when people are induced by incidental cues, such as fear, or attractiveness, likeness to the listener, or desire, or any of the opposites (Myers, 08, pp 232-234). For example I may like the tone of voice of one president candidate while discussing the global warming issue, or I may like the others face, or I could be turned off by one of the two, If this helped make my decision then I went…show more content…
This decreased sales for a time and the tobacco industry had to think of ways to regain its image back as a trustworthy and attractive product. Which is why they began to sponsoring events from sporting or arts, and even giving money, in the form of grants, for community development. This impression management tool was designed to focus on what the tobacco companies were doing right, and not the effects that it had on it consumers. Is spin doctoring the same as propaganda or is it fundamentally different? Address the weapons of mass destruction case in your answer. Personally I believe that that while they are different, they are however fundamentally the same, at least on the basic level of persuasion. The war in Iraq was marketed and reported to the American people as the liberation of the Iraqi people from the dangerous control of terrorist that not only threatened out country but also the future of theirs (Myers, 08, pp 230-231). While other countries reported it as the Invasion of Iraq. While they both were true, we as Americas were invading another country, the words chosen, and the format in which they were placed made those of us in America to believe that we were not only going to war for the attacks on 9/11 but also to liberate the people of Iraq who were under the control of a dictator who was harboring terrorist but also weapons of
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