Spin On Heels

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The Spin on Barrels Big idea, don’t die,hit the ground, or knock barrels, but go super fast. This, like a lot of things, is much easier said than done. After running barrels on the same horse since I was 11, I had the realization that there is many people that never get the satisfaction of owning a professionally trained barrel horse. It is much more self gratifying and much more cost efficient to buy and train your own. There are a few things that are essential to make your life easier when training your own barrel horse. It is going to be most important that you have somewhere flat and safe to work your horse. Make sure you have the proper tack, and be open to understanding your horse is a living animal that may not know what you are asking…show more content…
The most common mistake is trying to keep the same speed throughout your whole run, it’s irrational. People who do this will learn quickly this ruins horses, it leads to many falls in horses and in riders, and it will make your turns excessively wide. You want to figure out where your last stride is before you encounter the barrel and collect your horse to make a tidy, small barrel turn many professionals will say, “A winning barrel horse, depending on his particular style of turning, will require different rate distances” (Myers). A nice, slower barrel, is actually much faster, and more effective, than taking bad, wide, fast turns, without…show more content…
But honestly, any good trainer trains in very soft, easy bits on the mouth of the horse. Riders, like me, switch to a combination bit for competitions once your horse is competently trained for a nice barrel ride. When choosing a bit, make sure that you can safely handle your horse, but you also need to make sure it isn’t hurting them. How would you like it if someone told you to do something but at the same time they were pulling on and hurting you! Honestly, although barrel racing looks easy, it is actually exceptionally hard. The work you put in is totally worth it, the thrill of taking off, feeling the power of your horse as you spin, not one, not two, but three barrels. Easily the best part is hearing the crowd cheer you home! It is definitely not a sport for the weak of faith or heart. The sport is full of adrenaline junkies, tough horses, and even tougher competition. I tried it for the first time when I was only 6, and loved it instantly! You should definitely try it if you have a passion for horses, a love of competition, and a need for
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