Spinecor Brace Studies

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Corrective bracing & Scoliosis- Review of SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace Scoliosis is a common medical condition wherein there is a sideway curve of the spine or backbone. The curve is often shaped as S or C. In most of the cases, the reason for this is not known. It can affect all age groups. However, the most type is idiopathic in children aged between 10-12 years. It can also run in families. So, therefore, a child who has a parent or sibling with this condition must have regular check-ups. Now the treatment of Scoliosis is possible with the use corrective brace. In the past few years, the SpineCor brace have acquired a lot of attention. The reason is its effectiveness in improving spinal alignment and posture, as per to the curve type, its…show more content…
The more the child wears it, the more effective it is. It is helpful: • When the bracing is started early, while the child is still in his growing years • The spinal curve is moderate. • The brace is well fitted • The child wears it for the prescribed amount of time. What makes SpineCor an apt choice? SpineCor is designed in a way that it supports your back firmly. Made up of two sections, the first one is consist of the pelvic shorts to support the actions by the patient’s trunk. The other section consists of the bolero and the corrective bands that apply corrective movement to the scoliosis. While other braces are just effective in treating Scoliosis in children, SpineCor approach to spinal treatment in adults. It provides pain relief and postural rehabilitation both. However, if it is worn for 8-16 hours per day, it can initiate the changes in posture as well. It relieves pain, initiates postural changes and prevents the progression of Scoliosis curve and sometimes even reduces it slightly. It can treat back pain caused by • Postural Scoliosis • Post Traumatic Scoliosis •
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