Spinoff's Space Missions

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Space missions are sent to outer space to discover more about the big world out there. Many missions are sent so that they can learn more and explore the whole universe. Most missions have spinoffs. Spinoffs are objects used in a mission and now used on Earth.
The rovers and probes, Spirit and Opportunity, Lunar Orbiter 1, and Cassini-Huygens, were all sent to outer space unmanned to seek knowledge. These missions all succeeded in achieving their goal and had spinoffs we use today. The Mars Rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, went to Mars to look for water and life.
While they were at Mars, Opportunity found craters revealing past lakes that formed into sand. Spirit found a variety of rocks indicating that Mars was characterized by explosive
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The goal was to map out the moon for Apollo landings. It sent back images of the lunar surface and potential Apollo landing sites. One spinoff from this mission is a crimping tool. It was used on aircrafts for critical communication and is now used for wiring applications. This mission completed its goal like many others.
Cassini-Huygens also succeeded to accomplish the goal like other missions. It launched in October, 15 1997. The goal was to explore Saturn’s region. It orbited and studied Saturn’s rings and moons and then landed on the largest moon, Titan. On the way to Saturn it flew by Jupiter and sent back pictures of Jupiter. This mission had a spinoff, a solid-state power switch. This eliminates transparent current surges and extends parts’ use. This mission helped us learn about not only one but two planets.
The missions Spirit and Opportunity, Lunar Orbiter 1, and Cassini-Huygens were all sent unmanned to seek knowledge, succeeded, and have spinoffs we use today. NASA has sent many missions and found a lot of information and will send more in the future. So many missions are getting ready to leave or just being thought of now. There will be more spinoffs that can help Earth and everywhere else. There will be more discoveries and ways everyone can improve society. Maybe by the next mission the U.S. will be able to move to
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