Spiratuality in Public Administration

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Spirituality and Public Administration ShaTara T. Ambler Columbia Southern University Public Administration Ethics 22 January 2016 Abstract When in the workplace there are a few things that people try not to discuss and religion or spirituality is one of those. It is often a touchy subject because of differing beliefs and opinions. Does spirituality help or hinder productivity in the workplace? Will someone that is spiritual be a better leader than someone who is not? I will explore two articles Spirituality and Public Service and In the Study of Leadership, Spirituality Is the Unexpected Elephant in the Room. I will show how the authors relate spirituality to leadership. They tend to sway to the opinion that spirituality is…show more content…
“According to theories of public service motivation, public employees are “public servants” who are committed to the public good and characterized by an ethic that is built on benevolence, life in the service of others, and a desire to affect the community (Cartwright, Houston, 2007)”. They put a very high regard to public servants because of their commitment to the communities they serve and refers to their character as spiritual. Public service motive assumes that those who answer the calling are characterized by and ethical conscience that is based on the importance of the common good, service to others, and social equality. They go on to study the motivation of public and private sector employees and the rewards they sought. Public sector employees placed higher value on intrinsic rewards while private sector employees valued extrinsic rewards. So it concludes public employees place a greater emphasis on the importance of meaningful work and service to society. They do tend to stay on the spiritual side versus the religious side when speaking of the traits in public servants. They view religion as more community focused, formal and orthodox and spirituality being the exact opposite. Spirituality tends to be more emotionally oriented and inwardly directed. They conclude to say that individuals that pursue public service compared to private sector, for-profit individuals are individuals that are inclined to address a need to fulfill a

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