Spirit Baptism Is About The Restoration Of God 's Covenant Community Essay

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The subject of the baptism of the Holy Spirit has driven a wedge between Pentecostals and Evangelicals. However, both parties fail to understand the original meaning of spirit baptism. Therefore, this paper analyzes Lee’s argument that Spirit Baptism is about the restoration of God’s covenant community. First, I will examine the articles main point along with the information he used to support his argument. Next, this paper addresses the author’s assumptions that are in his article. This paper concludes by briefly assessing the article.
Lee 's premise is Luke 's use of the baptism of the Holy Spirit refers to people being included into God 's "covenant community." He proposes that there is a “distinction” between “baptism and terms used to describe manifestations of the spirit.” In other words, Spirit baptism, and the outward evidence of the spirit are two different things. Therefore, it is unwise to seek answers from Luke to something he did not address. To demonstrate this point, Lee brings out examples of spirit baptism in Luke’s writings.
Supporting Evidence. He begins by comparing John the Baptist’s baptism in Luke 3:1 -22 to Jesus baptism of the spirit in Acts 2. He proposes that the baptism of John was symbolic while Christ 's baptism ushered in a new era that would redeem humanity from their living damnation. In other words, John’s baptism was an outward representation of a coming future reality while Jesus’s baptism was the manifestation of that…

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