Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

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The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down - Summary and Reading Log Chapter 1 - Birth Chapter 1 goes through the traditional birthing methods and traditions of the Hmong people. One of the most significant traditions is burying the placenta. The placenta has to be strategically buried in a specific spot under the homes dirt floor or when the person dies its soul has to travel back to the placenta. This chapter also introduces the characters Nao Kao and Foua Lee. Nao is husband and father of 13 children (some of which died at an early age). Foua is the mother and wife.
In the first chapter Nao gives birth to Lia Lee in an American hospital, their first child to be born in a hospital. Lia was born July 19, 1982. The baby appeared to be
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This chapter focuses on some of the conflict between the Hmong healing traditions and the doctor’s practice in medicine. The Hmongs took the doctors prescriptions as advice not as orders, and they did whatever they wanted regardless of what the doctor prescribed, but at the same time if they left the doctor’s office without being prescribed something, they felt cheated. The doctors and the Hmong have many problems communicating because of the language barrier and cultural barrier. This makes it hard for the doctors to try and treat someone, and some of the Hmong’s healing techniques aren’t acceptable and considered abuse in America.

Chapter 7 -Government Property

In this chapter Lia is taken out of her home into the foster care because her parents weren’t following the doctor’s orders. She was placed back with her family but they still were not giving Lia the proper dosage of her meds so she was sent to live with a Foster family for 6 months. Her parent missed her terribly, but could not get her back until the 6 months were up and they proved they were capable and would give Lia her medications as directed. Dee, Lia’s foster-mom told the authorities that Lia should be placed back in her home, but they refused until the six months was up. If after 6 months Kao and Foua could not prove they could take care of Lia, they would permanently lose
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