Spirit World: A Fictional Narrative

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I turn around to see where he was looking and there stood a girl holding a flame sword.

“Mac?” I ask.

“You really shouldn’t have came here Niaome.” Mac says sadly.

I look at her closely before I step back surprised.

“Guys keep going! I got this!” I call over my shoulder.

Before anyone could answer, I run forwards and grab Mac before teleporting to the tower where the rest of the Beasts were. Mac shoves me away and puts me into a hold, my arms pinned behind my back and her sword held to my throat.

“Good girl.” A voice says.

I glare at the approaching figure.

“What the hell do you want with me Suzaku?” I ask calmly.

“That’s simple really. I want to use you to get what I want from Spirit World.” Suzaku says with a
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