Spiritual Assessment

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Spiritual Needs Assessment of Patients by: (student’s name) (course) (date of submission) Spiritual Needs Assessment of the Patient In providing basic health care in hospitals, medical practitioners should not only focus on giving physical treatment to patients but also provide spiritual and psychological assessment and management for them. This practice as suggested by many studies (see Chapman, 2003; Eberst, n.d.,) can help the hospitals develop a new method of healing that is more holistic in approach. The Joint Commission (2005) recommends spiritual assessment program which can help the medical officers to know the needs of the patients aside from the usual physical treatment. It will help them…show more content…
Using this assessment tool, I interviewed a hospital patient and his relatives. There are lots of ways that these guide questions can be used and while interviewing, I realized how different methods of asking the patient may affect patients’ attitudes towards the issue. Whatever one chooses to use, any method cannot be very effective if sincerity and willingness of the assessor are not present. This is in accordance with the studies about restructuring healing hospitals (Chapman, 2003; Eberst, n.d.) which suggest that hospital facilities and equipment are not enough to cure patients. The hospital management should have people who have positive attitude towards their work and the patients. A healing environment should practice a culture of ‘radical loving care’ (Chapman, 2003; Eberst, n.d); thus, in the process of asking these questions, one should be more careful and sensitive about the patients’ feelings and attitude about the subject matter. The Findings: The patient that I interviewed is practicing Christian religion. He believes in the power of prayers and faith in God which according to him will help him become healthy again. He said that just like his brothers and sisters in prayers, only faith and trust in Jesus Christ can save him from illness. For him, his faith is more effective than any kind of medicine. He believes that life was a blessing given to him by God and that death is a natural fate of every living
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