Spiritual Assessment Essay

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According to Taylor (2002), spiritual awareness is important for a nurse or a nursing student if he or she wants to be effective in healing or as a provider of spiritual care. This is because religious and spiritual dimensions of life influences the lives of many people (Wong, Hockenberry, Wilson, Perry, & Lowdermilk, 2006). By assessing the spiritual aspects of patients and families, nurses strive to meet the spiritual needs of individuals, which provide strength through holistic nursing care (Wong et al., 2007). Therefore, spiritual assessments are an important component in nursing practice. Spiritual assessments can be measured in different ways. For the author, the tool used to assess the spirituality of the author’s patient was…show more content…
Having been assigned a 9 year-old female two weeks ago, the author decided to assess the patient’s spirituality by speaking with the mother. In response to H.O.P.E.’s four questions, the author was able to acknowledge that the family was of a Hispanic background with a strong belief in the Catholic religion. The mother’s source of strength was faith in God. Also, the mother’s spiritual beliefs and practices consisted of the belief that God is in control of the family’s health and when things happen, it takes prayer to understand what is going on, accept God’s will, and rely on Him that things will get better. It was also made clear that attending church gives strength and comfort to the author’s patient to enjoy the life that God had given. After performing the spiritual assessment of this family, the author was able to recognize that the mother has a strong faith in God which allows the family to handle the stress of dealing with repeated surgeries to correct scoliosis. There was no sign of blaming God, yet thankfulness that her daughter is still able to enjoy a fun, childhood life As a nursing student, this assignment helped the author realize how important it is to understand a patient’s spirituality. The author believes that nurses should assess the spiritual values of patients in order to understand what the patient and family is going through in terms of how they view their health, illness, and expectations from healthcare staff. Nurses should remain
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