Spiritual Assessment Tool

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Spirituality is a fundamentally human component of life, which affects all areas of existence. Indeed, for some it is particularly important to have a sense of spirituality, the divine, or some general concept of something larger than the individual self in times of stress or difficulty. It is therefore also important for nurses and medical personnel to be aware of a patient's spiritual needs and conceptualizations in order to provide the best possible care. One good way in which to provide this type of care is to create a spiritual assessment tool. Spiritual assessment tools can be helpful in terms of helping a patient cope with his or her current situation, ensuring that his or her spiritual support systems are in place and available, and to minimize stress wtihin the patient. These components have been assessed with a patient who was hospitalized with an appendix removal, where infection created some complications resulting in longer hospitalization than was initially anticipated. According to Dameron (2005), various elements need to be taken into consideration when performing a spiritual assessment, since spirituality can be a sensitive and private subject. For this reason, the timing of the assessment is important. The patient for whom I did the spiritual assessment, Mr. Gomez, for example, seemed unwilling to talk even about his physical discomfort and needs, much less aobut his emotional or spiritual experiences during his hospital stay. This created somewhat of an
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