Spiritual Care And Music Of Nursing

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Concepts in Practice: Spiritual Care and Music in Nursing Nurses have long held the privilege and responsibility of caring for patients across the holistic realm. Spiritual care is a crucial part of ensuring that holistic care giving is provided. Fundamental nursing theorists Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson believed spiritual care to be the crux of nursing care (Ramezani, Ahmadi, Mohammadi, & Kazemnejad, 2014). The narrative written describing the account between the nurse and Rose, illustrates this concept. In the narrative, the nurse had been consumed with the other aspects of nursing care and had thus neglected Rose’s spiritual health. Rose was confused and combative, and so perhaps the nurse was unaware of how to attend to the…show more content…
The scenario described between the nurse and Rose is consistent with these findings. Furthermore, patients and nurses often differ in their definition of spiritual care. Nurses are then more inclined to ignore patients’ spiritual care altogether, designating it an area for clergy (Ramezani et al.). The authors used Walker and Avant’s (as cited in Ramezani et al., 2014) concept analysis method. It is an eight-step approach that is as follows:
1. selecting a concept
2. determining the aim of the analysis
3. identifying all uses of the concept
4. determining the defining attributes of the concept
5. constructing a model case
6. constructing additional cases
7. identifying the antecedents and consequences of the concept, and 8. defining empirical referents (Ramezani et al., pp.212).
Utilizing the eight steps, the authors identified seven defining characteristics of spiritual care. The first characteristic is healing presence as identified by selflessness or self-sacrifice (Ramezani et al.). “Therapeutic use of self” is another trait with such descriptions as “active listening” and being “non-judgmental” (Ramezani et al. pp. 214). Being able to recognize occasion for spiritual dialogue is labeled “intuitive sense” (Ramezani et al. pp. 214). Tapping into nurses’ assessment skills, exploring one’s spiritual perspective, calls nurses to evaluate patients’ sources of hope, fortitude, and support system (Ramezani et al.).
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