Spiritual Care : Its Role And Importance Of Pastoral Care

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There are many ways a person can heal. When beginning the healing process, a patient’s morals and beliefs may surface. In my experience in the health care field, I have worked in a hospital that is primarily built on religion. In many circumstances, I have been asked my stance on religion. I have never been condemned for my religious affiliations, and I have never condemned any one for theirs. These are significant factors that should be respected. It is important that health care facilities that are responsible for healing first recognize what pastoral care is, second abide to the policies of the facility, and third offer care to people who will benefit from it. Many people believe that pastoral care is where priests are available to patients, for the belief that God can heal them. Pastoral care is a diverse, cultural based, and spiritual form of care. According to the Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare (2001), people are more than just flesh and bones, they have a certain spirit that needs care as well. A person’s spirit can help them heal and recover from physical and mental damage. If medicine does not work, then people often turn to their spiritual side to find a way to heal. Pastoral care can help contribute in healing, coping with loss, recovery from mental or physical sickness, and even just help patients clear their head and get advice in times of chaos. Not only is it helpful for hospitals to offer pastoral care to patients, but it is
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