Spiritual Competence: Sikh Beliefs and Faiths

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Religious beliefs provide structure for people who are facing illnesses and seeking health, during time of crisis. The health care industry is rapidly responding to the ever-changing population through continued education. Health care works are faced with multiple dilemmas that require thought and fast-acting decisions. Challenges of providing medical treatment to people of different religious backgrounds may be altered. All members of the health care team need to address the issues and concerns regarding specific health care practices and religious beliefs and remove their perspective from the situation. The following paper will discuss three different religions while incorporating a comparison of beliefs, perspective on healing and…show more content…
Burning incents and candles is often practiced, but alternative measures such as flowers and electric candles can be implemented. Critical Components on Health Care There are several health care concerns that health care providers must be aware of to provide the best quality of care. Buddhists may strongly express culturally-based concerns regarding treatment by someone of the opposite sex (cite). Pain medications are often eliminated during the management of care, as the Buddhist often worries that it will affect their awareness (cite). “Clinicians should be very specific in discussion of the use of any drug that may affect awareness, however it should be noted that moderate use of analgesics might actually enable a patient who is struggling with pain to achieve greater concentration and "mindfulness" under the circumstances” (Ehman, 2012, par. 4). Buddhists are strictly vegetarians, so certain medications that are produced using animal are often refused (Ehman, 2012). Buddhism views illness, as an imbalance between the body and the mind. This imbalance can lead to suffering which in turns leads to a decrease in the sense of peacefulness (Ehman, 2012). Kindness from physician and nurses is a huge factor of the recovery of a Buddhist patient. Jehovah Witness Beliefs and Faiths Jehovah’s Witnesses are worldwide Christians of brotherhood that transcend national boundaries and

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