Spiritual Condition Evaluation

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SPIRITUAL CONDITION EVALUATION PAPER By (Student Name) Institutional Affiliation Date Spiritual Condition Evaluation Paper Topic: Spiritual Condition Evaluation Paper Pages: 4 pages SOurces: 3 Citation: APA Deadline: 4 hrs Instructions: A Spiritual Condition Evaluation paper will be required of you. (Note: Write about yourself. However, If you would rather not write about yourself, you may select a living famous person to evaluate with the instructor’s prior approval. Remember in the final analysis, whether writing about yourself or someone else, only God knows a person’s heart completely so try to be both humble and gentle). This document will run from 900–1,500 words. You will use the course’s…show more content…
Spiritual condition evaluation Throughout the life of my person of interest, knowledge of the existence of a creator has had a crippling effect in his struggle to reconcile his perception of life and the great desire for divine approval and acceptance. This is a result of the common belief that moral and spiritual development is attained through the shedding of dogmatic belief structures, resulting in the elimination of God towards the attainment of self-realization. Strangely, although the secular aspect is quite vividly seen in his way of life, the religious references and biblical allusions cannot be ignored. Despite the lack of cultivation and learning in the morals and ethics of Christianity, he is able to form his own code of behavior based on example and the behavior he views from others. It should be noted that his instinctive sense of morality comes without knowledge of God or a creator and while this may seem to be an atheistic or at least secular way of thinking about how morality is “inborn” it is impossible to ignore the way the Bible and religious learning influence even this aspect of his life. It would seem that he views other people as closer to God, not simply because of his own isolation, but because he witnesses their apparent ability to function in a world of God. This is seen on his act of acquiring a sense of morality through observation of behaviors of others It is evident
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