Spiritual Courage And Illness

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After scanning the web, I wanted to know what some of the people around me thought of the word. I first went to Mr. Farrow and asked him a few questions. My conversation with him was a bit scattered and I found he had a hard time staying on topic, but he gave me some good viewpoints to his outlook on courage. I began with "How do you see this word affect your personal life,” his first response to my word was “I’m so sick of the word courage because it’s so overused.” From that statement I knew this interview was going to be a lot different than the other because of how eccentric Mr. Farrow can be at times. He then continued on by saying, “I think the key to understanding courage is to think about it in the context of bravery. One can be brave,…show more content…
It was written in the Fall of 2015 by Cheryl Sanders and Robert Sardello in the Student Resources in Context magazine. I chose this particular article, "Spiritual Courage and Illness," because it talked about a specific type of courage that I had not yet learned about throughout this paper. It was about spiritual courage. It focused on the inner capacity of to face fear without being overwhelmed by it. This brought a new perspective to me on courage. I realized that courage isn't always about winning the battle; courage is also about finding inner clarity and peace within…show more content…
I went to and typed in courage. There was nearly 40,000 choices of books that had to do with courage. I was astonished by the results, so I narrowed my search to see what the majority of them are based off of. I discovered that The two main types of genres were Fictions and Biographies. This is understandable because I would assume that people would want to share and write about true stories of other peoples courage. These books usually tend to be very moving to some because its staggering what some people have been through. For example, the book American Sniper, by Chris Kyle; it was so popular that they made a movie on the courageous life story of the American solider. There were also more books geared towards
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