Spiritual Discernment

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4-Mat Book Review of Williams & Menendez’s Becoming a Professional Life Coach LIFC 502 Advanced Skills in Life Coaching Dr. Judith Johnson October 1, 2012 Abstract Diane Menendez and Patrick Williams co-authored the book “Becoming a Professional Life Coach” (2007). Menendez is a master certified coach and Williams is a pioneer coach who founded the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) (ICF Accredited). This book is intended for therapists and psychologists so that they can add coaching to their current business. Aspects of this book were taken from a curriculum that was designed for the ILCT foundation and includes years of collective experiences. This book contains three sections:…show more content…
Reflection: 250 Dunbar (2010) provided some helpful insight and information regarding finding a niche (p. 153-166). However, I feel that it is not a sufficient amount of information to help me feel confident enough to choose a niche and I would have liked to have more information regarding that topic. In addition, I have some concerns regarding liability and the laws when choosing a particular niche. Therefore, I feel Dunbar could have provided more detailed information regarding the legality of different coaching niches or where that information can be found. I want to make sure that I have the right credentials so I can be confident, successful, and truly help my clients. I agree with all of the skill sets that were presented by Dunbar (2010). I feel that they are all important skills that are needed in order to be successful at coaching. The skill set that I was most excited to read about was intuitive skills and the exercises that Dunbar (2010) provided: 1) developing sensory acuity, 2) noticing your inner senses, 3) developing a greater understanding of your intuition, 4) mediation (p.115-126). I practice intuitive skills on a regular basis by meditating and quieting the mind. This skill set and exercises is not just a practice for coaching; I feel it should be a part of daily life. It is a wellness practice for everyone in any situation. Developing your inner senses can connect you with a higher power; not just
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