Spiritual Elements In The Film Dr. Stephen Strange

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From Doctor to Protector
Imagine if you were told to forget everything you think you know. Imagine yourself knowing that you are one of the smartest people in the world and you are the best at what you do and some stranger comes along and makes you feel like you are the dumbest person existing. This is the fate that befell neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange in the movie Dr. Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson. In a twist of the tale that combines both spiritual elements and the modern world, director Scott Derrickson has managed to pull off one of the most intricate Science Fictions of all time. I chose to review this movie as it falls in the category of movies that I watch the most and enjoy- science fiction. The most intriguing characteristic
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Strange is fantastic and this is mainly attributed to the characters. The focus is on Stephen who displays impeccable talent in all the scenes. He is humorous and naïve when he finds himself in the field where he is no longer an expert as he is a neurosurgeon. He is also a charismatic person who manages to impress the Ancient One despite the fact that he feels he is not ready to take up any responsibilities. Without any warning, he finds himself fighting against Kaecilius in New York where he manages to kill one agent and lock another in a desert without the sling ring. He is determined and strong and his rise to being responsible could not be better displayed than he…show more content…
Strange. This is a 21st century movie that captivates the viewer’s attention and fulfills one’s expectations of a good movie. A movie that will not look or feel like a waste of time, money and other resources. The most interesting part is that there is hope for future production of the same movie as the story line continues. The stunts performed are just a show of pure awesomeness of Marvel Studios. The graphics display the complexity of computer manipulation of animated characters and the script has made use of words that resonate with the feeling of class. This is a movie one would not want to miss to
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