Spiritual Empathy Essay

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Spiritual empathy is to be able to feel and understand what another person is feeling or trying to communicate. As social workers, we work with clients who are going through a life crisis. A life crisis would be anything that threatens the clients well being. Stress and anxiety can lead to health problems and damaging dysfunctional behaviors. To best serve our clients we have to show spiritual empathy. Spiritual methods of therapy are controversial among workers in the health field including social workers. Many are not comfortable using spiritual interventions. Being spiritually empathetic can help the social worker notice signs of spiritual need. I believe that spiritual empathy is crucial in order to help the client’s needs. In…show more content…
By adding this into their practices nurses understand the power of spiritual empathy towards a person’s well-being. When caring for a client one has to look at the spiritual, psychological, and physical to fully give adequate care. This practice should be incorporated among all health providers, including social workers. Empathy has been used in science. Barbara McClintock, a Nobel geneticist had success in working with corn plants and genes. She stated that her success was because she had “a feeling” for the organism. She thoughts and felt what it was like to be the organism. Another study was made in 1960, Jane Goodall was sent to study chimpanzees. Goodall was not a scientist but it was thought that she would have a different outlook, one uncluttered from theory. This lead to a long study of chimpanzees where she used empathy to feel what they were feeling. She was able to get a better understanding of their behavior. Empathy is proven to flow and integrate between neurons of the brain circuit. This brings the idea of “feeling” into science. Empathy is a scientific matter although tapping into the deeper levels of empathy is thought to be a mystical practice close to mindreading. Grief is one of the underlying reasons that people seek help from a social worker. The loss of a job, divorce, death, and one’s health are some examples. These life crises leave one to deal with the loss, vision their
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