Spiritual Formation

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Contents TWO ROLES OF THE HOLLY SPIRIT IN SPIRITUAL FORMATION 2 INTRODUCTION 2 DEFINITION OF SPIRITUAL FORMATION 3 THE ROLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN SPIRITUAL FORMATION 3 EVALUATION AND CONCLUSION 5 REFERENCES 7 TWO ROLES OF THE HOLLY SPIRIT IN SPIRITUAL FORMATION I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. – John 14:18 INTRODUCTION In chapter 14 to 16 of the gospel of John, Jesus talks to his disciples about the promise of the Holy Spirit, who would come after Jesus died on the cross and was ascended. He describes some of the works and roles of the Holy Spirit, in order that his disciples will know what to expect. The words of Jesus about the Holy Spirit are just as relevant to us today. It is vital for…show more content…
Good works never result in right standing with God; they are a fruit of that right relationship.” (Mulheran, Jesus: Author and Finisher, p74). One of the greatest works we are commanded to do is to make disciples of the nations. “Everything essential to the mission of the church in the world is taught by the Spirit.” (Thompson, The Holy Spirit: Comforter, Teacher, Guide, p115) The Holy Spirit is much needed as a Teacher, because the fallen human mind cannot come to an understanding of God by our own wisdom. Our ability to enjoy intimacy with God and the strength that comes with it comes from the Holy Spirit’s work in introducing God to us. The only way for us to know anything about God with confidence is for God himself to reveal that knowledge through the Holy Spirit. Billy Graham describes the process of being filled with the Holy Spirit. “To be Spirit-filled is to be controlled or dominated by the Spirit’s presence and power…. We are ‘under the influence’ of the Spirit. Instead of doing things only with our own strength or ability, He empowers us. Instead of doing only what we want to do, we now are guided by Him. Unfortunately millions of God’s people do not enjoy the unlimited spiritual wealth at their disposal because they are not filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Graham, The Holy Spirit: Activating God’s Power in Your Life, p96). Another essential part of spiritual formation is the ability to
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