Spiritual Freedom: A Conceptual Analysis

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Maintaining silent vow for entire 24 hours is challenging for new practitioners but it is a very meaningful experiment. At the staring point of this silent vow, I felt anxious and fear of falling behind my busy schedule. The experiment was hard because practitioners have to keep concentrating their mind on doing nothing and being alone sometimes makes people feel lonely. However, it is a meaningful experience and I did enjoy this experiment since it allows me to leave away from the reality and think about my living philosophy. Creating a silent environment facilitates me approach to an inner freedom, which I could directly observe myself, analyze myself and educate myself. This spiritual freedom looks like a mirror, which reflects what my daily…show more content…
Vice versa, accumulated practices can enhance our real life living philosophy, deep our understanding of life and gain us more experience. For new practitioners, especially for our teenagers, performing such experiment is not fully affordable due to the lack of living background. Insufficient real life experience means we cannot gain deep feelings as much as the middle age or seniors. Also, our generation enjoys video games rather than readings, so we have weaker mental foundations and vague worldview. Under this common condition, our generation has lower level of spiritual understandability. For example, I did feel lonely at the ending period. Unless I have enough real life experience as a foundation, I will easily lose my experimental focus and this practice would not generate much output as it suppose to. Therefore, even though this practice is excellent, it is not the best for my current age. I will keep practicing this silent vow in future once it becomes…show more content…
During the experiment I felt that solely facing myself and being alone is difficult. From my understanding, being alone comes from inner self-completeness and it is an initiated life style with positive attitude. Being alone is difficult because people need to solely face themselves, stay with themselves and enjoy living with themselves. Alone people are not only self-support but also can take care of others. Alone people must have passion about their life. They do not require any specific conditions on external environment because they are inner-complete. They live in their life. On the other hand, lonely person has to stay with crowd people otherwise they will feel boring. This boring feeling is an illness life style because if they cannot stay with themselves means they do not love how they live. However, they were not brave to change their living philosophy so they have to rely on other people and live in others’ life. Since lonely people’s inner mind is insufficient to take care of themselves, they urge to find others to feed them, to hear them and to look after them. The best prescription of loneliness is a crowd people. Lonely people hold parties to care each other, warm each other and cure each other. However, the loneliness does not go away because essentially a crowd of lonely people is still loneliness. This silent vow tells me that I am inner-incomplete and sometimes feel lonely
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