Spiritual Maturity : Spirituality And Maturity

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Spiritual maturity has two components: spirituality and maturity. Anyone who has been born of the Spirit can be said to be spiritual but the manifestation of the spiritual life is lived out as we walk by the Spirit and to the measure we are surrendered to His leading. Spirituality encompasses not only our walk in the Spirit but our whole identity in Him. What I mean by our identity in Him is that we live for Christ and in Christ to the point where the self has been obliterated and the only identity we know is the one we live in fellowship where we are lost in Him. This is literally a life out of this world.

Maturity however, is gradual and progressive and takes time dedication and spirituality. Two reasons I said maturity takes spirituality: the first one is that if you have not really been born of the Spirit, you will find out decades after decades in the pews you are not able to go on to spiritual maturity. In fact, you might even know the Bible by heart but it means nothing since even Satan knows the Scriptures. The second reason is that if we do not go on knowing Christ personally in a deep inner relationship and learn to live in oneness with Him, we can only mature to a certain extend. An example of what I just said could be the life of the Apostle Paul; we see his beliefs in Christ have been lived out in a way that has caused a complete inward transformation. In Philippians 3:7-14, Paul is living this life where everything in it, even past grace is counted as dung as…
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