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Assignment Spiritual Needs Assessment ………………..Use the articles provided in the readings for this module. The Joint Commission provides some guidelines for creating spiritual assessment tools for evaluating the spiritual needs of patients. Using these resources and any other guidelines/examples you can find, make up your own tool for assessing the spiritual needs of patients.
1.The spiritual-needs assessment tool should include a minimum of five questions that can either be answered by the patient and/or by your observation of the patient. The information can be presented in a Word document, in a table, or in questionnaire format.
Using your assessment-tool questions, practice completing a spiritual assessment with a patient, family
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The spiritual assessment tool allowed this writer to gain a clear insight into George’s spiritual perspective on life.

In summary the interview with George took place on his front porch in the suburb of Baldwin, New York. George has lived in Baldwin for twenty years with his wife and four children. He works full time for the Baldwin school district five days a-week during the evening hours. George attends church service regularly every Sunday morning with his wife and children. George considers himself along with his family “devoted Christians, attending church regularly, giving my tides, reading the Bible and doing good thing in my life and to people around me”. He was asked “what is his opinion on religion?” George feels that religion is a wonderful thing; he believes that there is one God and one bible with many different translations which equals too many different religions. George believes he has a good relationship with God and is at peace with himself, knowing that God is in control of his life and in control of the things around him. George also state “Christ is more than going to church and saying amen. He is a Creature who knows our hearts desires, is aware of our aching, agony, and understands our flaws. Interchange for the people’s faith and belief, Jesus Christ offers to forgive our sins, to plead for us, and to bring us to His

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