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Apophatic Spirituality Uncovered!!
I would like to share with you a spiritual tradition that I had not been aware of before, Apophatic Spirituality, also known as Negative Theology. A word of warning, it’s said to be a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it, I was fascinated by it. I hope you find something new and of interest in this spiritual tradition too.
Why chose it?
Partly, because it was new to me and partly, because it reminded me of a conversation I recently had with a friend who wished she was better at praying. She explained how she had been taught to pray using the PASTA acronym; P for praising, A for adoration, S for sorry, T for thanks, A for ask. Her problem was that although she wanted to pray, she wasn’t any good with words. In fact, she found it hard to find any words at all to use in adoration and praise of God. I wish at that point that I had been able to introduce her to Apophatic Spirituality.
What do we mean by spirituality?
It’s difficult to give a concise definition but Christian spirituality can be broadly seen as a journey, searching out God and how He is at work in our lives, it’s a journey that involves engaging our personalities, our world view and our religion. Within Christian spirituality there are many pathways or spiritual traditions, for example, Franciscan, Ignatian or our own Anglican spirituality inherited from both the Catholic and Reformation traditions, which includes the Book of Common Prayer. The cathedral in
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