Spirituality Across Britain Differ From Aboriginal Spirituality

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Spirituality across Britain differs from Aboriginal spirituality in numerous ways. Religion was a very important aspect in nineteenth century Britain, although it could be reasoned that their individual spirituality was less developed compared to that of the Aborigines. This is because the religions at the time were very strict on what followers should and shouldn’t do. The entire of the religion’s followers followed the guidelines set by the church. was There was no one major religion in eighteenth century Britain different religions that were important included Church of England, Catholic and Presbyterian. There was a lot of importance put on tangible objects in these religions there was the sacred texts books which contained guidelines for how to live their lives, holy deities who were seen as not being capable of wrong doing and strict customs. An individual person’s spirituality was commonly the same as every other member of the religion. Aborigines were and continue to be very deeply connected to their spirituality.
History of Contact
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British Settlement
After Captain James Cook ‘discovered’ Australia in 1770 he claimed the land for Britain assuming Australia to be of ‘Terra Nullius’. This principle of British law meant the land could be claimed as it belonged to no one. This was not true as the Indigenous Australians had been living in the country for over 50,000 years and were owners of the land. Nevertheless it was seen as not belonging to
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