Spirituality In Charles Dickens's A Tale Of Two Cities

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People all over the world practice their own religion or spirituality in their own different way. For many years being able to freely practice religion has been a very long battle. Soldiers and civilians together have died, fought, petitioned, and taken action, time and time again for the same result: freedom and acceptance to practice their beliefs without judgment. In the Victorian Era in England, which took place in 1837 through 1901, the beginning of the era had a high population of Christian believers but as the years went by, that began to change. Religious beliefs and the Church were being questioned and with the industrial revolution on the rise, people became more educated and slowly drifted away from spirituality. In Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, he references this shift in attitudes towards religion.
The start of the Victorian era was filled with inspiration for education, research, and writing. Spirituality in the people was increasing and more people started to attend mass services. In fact, Mark Weinert states in his book, “A People of One Book”, that the Bible was the source of the Victorian culture and “that it was a part of the very air breathed by the Victorians, a constant source of reference that saturated their thought and writing.” It was also one of the time periods where changes had a great impact on the society. According to writer David Nixon, in his review, “From Gregorian to Victorian”, he describes one of the first major changes made
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