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Running head: HEALING HOSPITAL Healing Hospital Norma Bracamonte Grand Canyon University HLT-310V Spirituality in Nursing September 28, 2011 Spirituality of a Healing Hospital Spirituality in the healing hospital environment commences with the initial point of contact with the staff. The staff not only includes nurses, patient care technicians, and management, it involves every person who is working within this hospital. The standards must be met to be named a healing hospital, all staff must adhere to a culture which not only serves the patients but serves the community as well. All management must commit to allow their staff the time and provide the resources that are needed to heal the body, the mind and spirit as one.…show more content…
The major challenge is trying to get administration to assign money and means in order to construct and preserve the philosophy that supports a spiritually healing environment. With the monetary cutbacks that all hospitals are experiencing at state and federal levels hospital administrators must contemplate what areas to reduce funds. Hospital administrators must recognize that patients are customers and are increasing their knowledge of how the health care system operates and level of care to which they are entitled to. With this knowledge comes power of choice. Patients are inclined to and drive to a facility farther away from their home that is providing the care that meets their expected standards. This standard embraces their spiritual needs as well as their medical needs. Cynicism The model pertaining to spirituality and its value related to healing endures much cynicism from individuals who cannot accept the concept. From the beginning of their educational path, nurses and physicians are taught to focus on the disease, diagnosis or treatment. This “tunnel vision” becomes problematic for the hospital to allocate the resources needed to develop the individualities needed to develop a healing hospital environment. Chapman (2007) states that the “cynic is deaf to the occasional loving and caring of others” (p. 39). In this author’s experience, patients are more cultured
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