Spirituality Reflection Paper

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Spirituality is an essential aspect of an individual and is often expressed in various ways such as holding a certain religious view, belief or possessing a deeper connection to the surroundings within the nature or community. Perhaps the best definition of the term, spirituality, encompassing current state of the world is documented by Frame, and discussed by Aten and Leach (2013) in their book in the following way, “Spirituality includes one’s values, beliefs, mission, awareness, subjectivity, experience, sense of purpose and direction, and a kind of striving toward something greater than oneself. It may or may not include a deity” (p.11). Spirituality and deep connection to religious believes or traditions can be protective to an individual as well as present with a risk to wellbeing. In this personal Spirituality Reflective Paper the following four concepts will be discussed: (a) role of religion and spirituality within professional nursing practice, (b) experiences with faith groups other than own, (c) thoughts with respect to those who do not practice a certain faith, and (d) types of clients or client problems involving religion or spirituality that may present as a challenge. Spirituality is vital to life based upon the above definition of the term. Religion historically and today appears to be of great value in the United States of America (USA), and is often a fundamental aspect of life as evident by the statistical data, which states that 81% of Americans
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