Spiros Alternate Ending

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Long ago, in a village called Patras, lived a young man named Spiros. Spiros was one of the wealthiest people in his village. For a while, Spiros was content with being just that. He was satisfied until he realized he at the top. No one was higher than him. He had nothing to strive for, nothing he could get by being more powerful. He had everything he could ever want, but Spiros still wanted more. For days and days,Spiros thought about how he could be better, but he couldn't find a solution. He asked all of his servants to look everywhere in the city to find a way,but none of them could find anything. Spiros wanted to be happy, and this was the only way.
One day, as Spiros was about to fall asleep, he heard his mother talking to her assistant
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She has the map”
“I said I don’t want to go! Now just let me sleep!”
Spiros pretended to be asleep when his mother passed by his room. As soon as she left, he realized that this was his chance. It was is chance to be happier and richer.
The following night, when the night turned as black as coal, Spiros snuck out of his home, leaving his city behind. He didn't even look back as he ran into the forest, following the path to the witch’s house. He quickly sneaked out, grabbed the map and sprinted away. This was the beginning of his journey to get riches.
On his way, he after his fourth tiring day of traveling, he stopped at a small tree trunk. He sat down, alone, tired and hungry. Suddenly, a young woman appeared and with a wave of her hand she made the most scrumptious looking food appear. Without asking why it was there, or who she was, Spiros gobbled down the food in less than a minute. He then looked at the woman, but she suddenly morphed into a giant, 10 feet tall monster with scaly skin and sharp teeth..”I have been sent to defeat anyone who wants to go to the competition. Now, I will have to defeat
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He retrieved his itemsstuff, but realized that the food he ate was poison. He started coughing and hacking up, close to dying. He inched back to the monster, and saw in his hand, was a small bottle. Taking chances, Spiros grabbed the vial and quickly drank it. After a few agonizing minutes, he realized that he was okay. He was scared, but continued on his journey. After the 3rd day after the monster attacked, Spiros finally saw a village in the distance. Cluelessly, without any precaution of danger, his eyes focused only on the village, he ran towards it. While going there, He did not realize that while he was running, he was still in the same spot before it was too late. Something took him, and moved him underground. When Spiros woke up again, he saw millions of teeth about to bite into him. He stood up, and around him, were flowers with sharp
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