Spitz International Case Study Essay

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Spitz International Case Study Tanya Latham-Corbett CBU ID 880745 Marketing Management 3301:76 Elaine MacNeil February 2, 2015 Table of Contents Background 3 Statement of Problem or Issue 3 Primary Issues 3 Secondary Issues 4 Situation Analysis 4 Analysis of Alternatives 5 Recommendations and Implementation 6 References 7 Background Spitz International is a Canadian company which started out by supplying seeds to be used in bird seed. The company was started in 1982 by Tom and Emmy Droog, and remains a privately owned company. The company has grown tremendously since 1990 when it introduction roasted sunflower seed as snack food for humans in the Canadian snack market. This proved to be an…show more content…
Analysis of Alternatives Accessing company data, as well as other secondary data sources and analysing it for a new purpose could save the company time and money. Such internal information such as regional sales reports, individual product sales reports could provide some of the information required for market and sales expansion opportunities. Spitz could collect other secondary information from ACNielsen of Canada in relation to customer dieting habits, their perception of important health concerns and how customers are attempting to change their eating habits to address their concerns. Through fact gathering about the competition including current product offerings, customer satisfaction, sales, new product development as well as current product placement and distribution, Spitz should be able to obtain valuable information. This research should lead the company to its target markets and the product to present to that market. With a deadline of three years to double sales, the idea of developing new markets within that time frame and making them profitable seems unlikely, especially in a foreign country. There are so many factors which would have the potential to disrupt this time line it does not seem like a viable solution for this company objective, however it could certainly have long term benefits for the company at another time. While the
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