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Julie Dimayuga Gabriel Manasan Spandan Mahanta CORPORATE CAUSE: We shall uplift the pride and economic well-being of the societies we serve. Splash is a world-class company that is committed to making accessible, innovative, high-quality and value personal care products for everyone. We are a marketing company in the beauty, personal and healthcare industries where we shall be known for strong brand management of pioneering, high-quality and innovative products derived from extensive research, to improve the well-being of our consumers. We shall do this through: Leading edge trade and consumer marketing systems. Pursuit of excellence in all other business systems. We shall be generous in sharing the rewards with our employees,…show more content…
) 6 Hair Care Products 1 Multi-National Companies 2 Private Labels 3 Imitators External factors Positive Negative STRENGTH-WEAKNESS-OPPORTUNITY-THREAT (SWOT) MATRIX OPPORTUNITIES 1 Asian Markets 2 Metrosexual Market 3 Western Market 4 Health and Wellness Trend 5 Middle East Market (OFWs) 6 Hair Care Products STRENGTHS 1 Market Research 2 Product Research & Development 3 Product Diversity 4 Product Efficacy and Reliability 5 Reach 6 Brand Loyalty 7 Value for Money * Develop New Skin Care Products for Men (S1,S2,S3,O2) * Export VCO (and other exotic natural materials) to Western Markets (S2, S8, O3 O4) * Export existing Products for wide ASEAN Market (S1 S3 S4 S7 O1) * Export existing Products for wide M-E Market (S1 S3 S4 S7 O5) * Develop new Products for wide ASEAN Market (S1 S2 S3 S4 S7 O1) * Develop Hair-Care products for local and ASEAN Markets (S1 S2 S3 O1 O6) THREATS 1 Multi-National Companies 2 Private Labels 3 Imitators * Distribute into small stores for expansion market (S1 S5 S7 T1) * Awareness campaign to spread brand loyalty based on product efficacy (S4 S6 T1) * Constant product development to avoid imitators (S1 S2 S3 T3) * Brand loyalty based on superior products (S4 S6 T2 T3) * Develop direct selling network in new markets to leverage brand loyalty (S1 S5 S6 T1 T2 T3) WEAKNESSES 1 Weak Brand Loyalty Outside the Philippines 2 Limited Market Knowledge and Experience Outside the Philippines 3 Low Advertising Budget 4 Neutraceuticals are

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