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Difference of Lateralization Between Split Brain
And Intact Brain Patients
Psychology 102 Section 6X Student
Split brain patients lateralize functions in their brains to either side of the brains while intact brain patients utilize both sides of their brains. A group of 20 subjects were tested, 10 split brain and 10 intact brain patients. We gave these subjects three exams, a vocabulary test, a logical reasoning task and a face recognition task. We found that split brain patients have a lower correlation between these exams compared to those of an intact brain. If we were to replicate this exam we will receive roughly the same numbers, but if done so more patients to
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3C. The correlational method will help me analyze the data and decipher the correlation to identify a possible relationship between the split brain condition and laterality.
Data were collected from a group of split-brain patients and a group from the general population to test the hypothesis using the correlational method. Each group completed three tasks shown previously to be lateralized: (1) a vocabulary test, (2) a logical reasoning
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