Split Brain: What Happens when You Have Two Brains?

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If I would have a split brain, I don’t believe I would act any differently than I act now. The only way to actually notice the differences is when you put yourself through tests. However, if it was a special case, I might not be completely functioning. I would have trouble telling my body what actions to perform. Split brain occurs when there is a lack of a corpus callosum or when the corpus callosum is severed. Making it so there is no connection between the two hemispheres of a person’s brain. A person with a split brain is either born with no corpus callosum or they have undergone a Corpus Callosotomy, which is a procedure that surgically cuts the corpus callosum (separating the brain’s two hemispheres) to lessens epileptic seizures. The brain has two hemispheres, each hemisphere performs a different set of operations from the other hemisphere. The right hemisphere of the brain controls the muscles on the left side of a person’s body. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body. This also applies to sensory information. Therefore, damage caused to one side of the human brain will affect the opposite side of the person’s body. The right hemisphere controls our spatial abilities, face recognition, visual imagery and music, it is basically the more creative of the two. While the left hemisphere controls the more logical abilities, calculations, and math. The hemispheres share information with each other through the corpus callosum. The way that a split-brain

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