Spoiled, Brat, Snitch, And Hypocrite

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Spoiled, Brat, Snitch, and Hypocrite are four words that described my twenty-year-old sister Jessica Bunn. Today, four years later I think of her in a completely different way. She has taught me so many things and helped shape me into the woman I am today. Even though we are thousands of miles apart we still share an inseparable bond. My sister has not always been a positive influence but she has matured into one of the best women I know. Over the next few minutes I will be talking about how mine and my sister’s relationship hasn’t always been great, but over the years she has become my best friend and for this reason my sister has and will forever influence my life in a positive way. Mine and my sister’s relationship is far from perfect. When I was younger up until high school our relationship was at its worst. We were constantly bickering about anything and everything. My sister treated me badly, but I craved her attention. She left me at home and went out with her friends, but for some reason I was drawn to her. I always tried to impress her and wanted her to like me. No matter what she said or did to me, I still wanted to be her best friend. I recall one day after school when I was 7 my sister was babysitting me as she always did. We had been watching TV and I got up to make some popcorn. While I was doing my usual dancing routine waiting for the microwave to stop I heard a giant thud. I ran back to see my sister lying there in the living room floor gasping for air.…
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