Spoiled, but Not a Brat

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Diquan Lamar Hubbard Introduction to College Writing Professor Sophie Bradford October 19, 2012 Spoiled, but not a Brat The ideal spoiled child does not come to mind easily. I observed people around campus, but I think one of the perfect examples of a spoiled child is Angelica Pickles from the popular Nickelodeon show Rugrats. Angelica showed characteristics that made her stand out as an antagonist. She would refer to the other characters as “dumb babies.” Angelica would show how selfish she was by convincing the other characters to do plans that would only benefit her, which set her up most of the time as the antagonist in each episode. She would receive gifts to her heart’s desire and not be the least bit thankful. Her parents set…show more content…
Because, she came to school in Camaros and Corvettes, other students assumed that she was going to be brat. I worked with her in Student Council, a club that makes decisions for the school and does community service, for three years. I have seen, just by working with her how hard she works. She is constantly being taught things from her father that will make her into a well off college student. She explained that she had to do the same things as most other normal kids and that she got this philosophy from her father who did not start out as an oil tycoon, but worked his way up. I have also seen a counter example in a people that may not be rich, but they were brats. I was in program called Upward Bound, while I was in high school. Upward Bound was created for at-risk teens that may not have come from the wealthiest of homes and they are usually first-generation college students. While I was in Upward Bound it was common to see people with nice things, but they had worked for them. They wore expensive clothes; they had all kinds of expensive technology like MacBook’s and iPads. A lot of them worked too and they would off-set the cost of a lot of their things. There were some that didn’t; that acted like they deserved to have things given to them just for being present. In Upward Bound they would help us by giving us checks for our mileage and gifts all of the time. There were some people who were just ungrateful for what they were
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