Spoke Zarathustra By Nietzsche

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The main focus of Nietzsche writing has been the discovery of self. This discovery of self allows one to become the overman, a being that can be looked at as something higher then humans, yet still not a God. The main opposition to reaching the overman in the Christian Moral Ideal, a set of values that has been instilled in us based on the views of the Christian church. In the text Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Zarathustra begins his path towards self-overcoming. The text, in many respects, represents one man’s journey to self-overcoming. The type of freedom that Zarathustra is endorsing is complete freedom of self. This includes amor fati, which is the love of ones fate. This is meant to mean that pure self-overcoming means accepting all that has…show more content…
In denying his fellow man as a lost cause he denies his life. His isolation is a symptom of wishing to be closer to God. In the Christian Moral Ideal life is lived as a necessary step to reaching heaven. This is a denial of the self because it rejects the will to power. It allows one to believe that the only thing to strive for in life is death, only in death is one able to be with God. Again it goes back to Zarathustra’s journey to the overman and what freedom it entails. He asks, “Can you give yourself your own evil and good and hang your will above you like a law?” (TSZ Pg. 46). He is attempting to show the idea that true freedom is accepting the will to power because the ultimate goal of the will to power is self-overcoming. Will to power means accepting the fate of life as a result of the constant passing of time, the belief that everything that will happen will…show more content…
It is the freedom in accepting that they are a result of their actions. Actions that are influenced by ones will to power. The hermit and the rest of society that is still in the camel stage, lack the ability to create values. The drive to revalue ones values requires the will to power because it is a necessary step in reaching the overman. The will to power is what keeps man striving toward the overman. The child is then free to create the values that allow the self to mold fate. These values lead humans down the path of accepting all that happens is a result of previous action and not a result of acts of God. Due to the fact that the Christian Moral Ideal rejects the will to power as evil, because it is self-empowering, means that those who accept God lose their ability to strive to be the best version of themselves. They accept God as the highest of all beings and because God is out of reach, people also believe their perfect self is also out of reach. Accepting fate as being a result of change means accepting one’s self as being the person they are as a result of themselves. The main idea behind Zarathustra’s version of freedom is accepting the will to power and allowing one to strive to be the greatest version of themselves, or the overman, in whatever way they see fit because it is the self that they reinforce
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