Spongebob Essay

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The Mobius strip “Oh no..I am totally same with Spongebob.” The spongebob episode about the essay and procrastination called empathy to me. In the episode, Spongebob prepares good quality of pen and papers to do his essay assignment. At first, he was confident, however, he felt hard only after 3 minutes. And he waited until the last minute to do it with trivial works as I do it every assignments. How horrible my writing process! First, when I get the assignment, I just think about outlines and supports before 4 days left from D-day. I wash longer than daily to think about them, and it is quite effective. It is the necessary step for popping out ideas, memories with enough time. Next, sit on the desk which is perfectly suitable where it is cool and dark enough that can lead my maximum concentration for writing the mighty essay. And prepare the smoothest pen and the thick paper which I can feel sense of stability. It’s because I…show more content…
It is just adaptation, and it doesn’t mean that I just kill times. It helps me to feel doing the assignment is very excited activity than killing times watching a video or hanging up with friends. “I can see beautiful, fine, clear, crisp, cool and sunshiny day to write an essay.” What a great way to prevent depression is! After the preparation process, organization my ideas and connect them with outlines. I fill the enough supports under my outlines at first. And that details must related with the topic directly in the first step, because if I choose wrong supports and subjects of each paragraph, it becomes horrible even I can’t fix it after finishing it. Then I start to make the first draft. First draft can be rough, so I just write all the things with referring the organization. without any logical grammar and proper words. I usually write it Korean because it is easy at first, but sometimes when I feel tired of translation the document. Also the translation
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