Spongebob Square Pants has Many Attributes of the Greek Gods Essay

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“He's not a child but he's childlike, he's not a grown up, he's not a kid, maybe he sounds like an elf on helium, we'll play with it” (Tom Kenney). Although, the television show SpongeBob Squarepants is known for not taking anything seriously, the characters are made of substance and real human attributes. Characteristics like greed, power, and deception are all recognizable in Greek gods from ancient mythology as well as in Mr. Krabs, King Neptune, and Plankton. Greek gods and the characters of SpongeBob, as unlikely as this may seem, are similar because each person is represented by one core characteristic. The gods Triton, Hades, Koalemos, Poseidon, and Midas would make the perfect dream team for the television show SpongeBob…show more content…
The more blunt side to Patrick relates to “The god of silliness and stupidity” (Greek Mythology). If Patrick Star has an I.Q. it is a negative number. Also, Patrick is the reason for all of the problems SpongeBob has to solve for him. Patrick creates mayhem for his friends just like Koalemos creates mayhem for his fellow gods (Theoi Koalemos). The sensitive and caring side of Patrick corresponds with Philotes, “the personification of affection and friendship” (Greek Myth Index). Out of all the factors making up the characterization of Patrick Star, the friendship he has with SpongeBob stands out the most. When talking about what Patrick does when SpongeBob is at work Patrick says, “I wait for you to come back” (spongybob). The only thing Patrick can truly focus on is friendship and loyalty. The personality of Patrick Star works well with Koalemos and Philotes. Eugene Krabs, owner of the Krusty Krab, relates well to the Greek king Midas. King Midas is known for his immense greed and wisdom (Greek Myths). King Midas had found favor in the gods so “God Dionysus was pleased with Midas and his decision not to punish Silenus, thus he asked Midas what he wanted the most from his life- in order to return the favor” (Greek Myths). Midas’ greed overwhelms him when he asks for everything he touches to turn to gold (Greek Myths). Mr. Krabs is characterized by this kind of extreme greed because of the way he overprices everything he
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