Spongify And Definimillious Case Study

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The two spells that we studied this week were Spongify and Verdimillious. Spongify is a spell that is used to soften things and in some cases make them bouncy. The Spongify spell is cast through the incantation Spongify and a wand movement that follows the shape of a "S". A situation in which Spongify may be used is if one were to be in the midst of an escape from a dangerous creature and had to jump off a cliff in order to escape, the Wizard or Witch in question could simply cast Spongify at the ground below the cliff and therefore soften the ground enough for them to get away without being caused great bodily harm. The other spell learn this week was the Verdimillious Charm which can be used as either a defensive spell or as a way to illuminate
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