Spongy Bone Essay

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Bone is made up of two types of structure which are the compact bone and the spongy bone. Compact bone lies over spongy bone and makes up most of a bone’s diaphysis, it consist of compactly arranged osteons which is the Harvesian system. Compact bone able to protect, supports and resist stress. Spongy bone makes up most of the mass short, flat and irregular bones and is also found at the epiphyses of long bones. It stores marrow and provides some support. The size of the bone grow throughout childhood and adolescence as our body produces more bone than it loses. At some point in life, human will be at their peak bone mass density (BMD) which is the end of the bone growth. For normal human being, the BMD usually stays constant as the break down and regeneration of bone is equal. However, for certain people, the bone loses is more than the regeneration and production which then cause osteoporosis.…show more content…
Cancellous bone is more active and is broken down and regenerated more quickly than compact bone. Because of this, cancellous bone is more likely to be affected when the break down and regeneration of bone are out of balance in osteoporosis. The cells that are responsible for the BMD to stay constant is osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The function of osteoblasts is that it produces new bone matrix in a process called ossification while osteoclasts are cells that remove and recycle bone matrix. For a normal bone, there is a balance between the action of osteoblasts and osteoclasts but in osteoporotic bone, the activity of the osteoclasts in removing bone matrix is faster than the osteoblasts can form a new bone matrix. This results in a net bone lose. Osteoporosis can also lead to thinning of both the compact bone and cancellous bone which makes bone more fragile to
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