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I am applying to your Engineering Undergraduate Apprenticeship (Sponsored Degree). Currently I am in my last year of school, studying for my A levels at St.Anselms College. Choosing to study Mathematics and Physics was an easy choice for me, as they go hand in hand and provide a broad range of opportunities with a set of skills that I believe can be extremely useful in many lines of work. Especially in aeronautics and aircraft manufacturing where Physics is used throughout every process to ensure that everything works and operates as it should.
When I heard about this opportunity I immediately became intrigued with the thought of studying to attain an engineering degree, whilst at the same time becoming a part of a huge company and gaining valuable work experience as an engineer. I believe the choices I made when I was younger and the subjects I enjoyed would lead me into this type of work. For example choosing to take the Further Mathematics GCSE qualification really gave me a fantastic foundation for my first year of A Level Mathematics. It also shows
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Aeronautics has always interested me from when I first travelled on an aircraft as a child.
The processes of how things are made and how they work has always fascinated me and I think that this has had a huge impact on why I love solving problems, understanding how things work and using tools and machinery. These are prime qualities for any engineer, which is why I am a perfect candidate for this scheme. Airbus, as a leading aircraft manufacturer has a very large and expanding variety of horizons and options for someone such as myself. This amazing company, producing the world’s largest commercial aircraft is definitely something I would like to be a part of. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that would be a great shame to miss out on and I believe I have exactly what is required to excel in this
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