Spontaneity Is An Intriguing Personality Trait

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1. Trait Definition Spontaneity is an intriguing personality trait which determines how a person will live their life. In personality psychology, spontaneity is a debatable trait because authors or researchers have to redefine or reconstruct this definition in order to suit their research or the idea they are conveying. Spontaneity has several different meanings depending on the context. According to Webster dictionary (2015) spontaneity is the quality or state of being spontaneous. The idea of Spontaneity came from Moreno (1953), a psychiatrist, who coined the concept of spontaneity and psychodrama. Moreno (1947) states that spontaneity is the matrix of creativity and locus of the self. People are focused on themselves as a whole, so their creativity can manifest into many sections of their life. Also, Spontaneity refers to the subjective sense of freedom and lack of constraint associated with any action or response. (Kindler, 2010). This representation of spontaneity allows people to have freedom in most activities or actions they participate in anything they do. Another author states we are constantly intent on self-formation and self-preservation, it is self-declaration that paves the way to spontaneity (Akhtar, S. (2014). The act of self-declaration promotes the chances and right for people to fulfill their all desires and impulses. All of these definitions describe a person who follows their heart or any desire without any limitations or distraction coming…
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