Spontaneous Observer of Nature

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“A child who,more than anything else, is a spontaneous observer of nature, certainly needs to have at his disposal material upon which he can work.” As our lives become more technologically advanced and driven many children have very little access to a natural habitat in their neighbourhood environment.Young children develop their sensory,cognitive,gross and motor skills while in relationship to the natural world.The function of the school is to supply children with interesting information and motives for action. A child,who more than anyone else is a spontaneous observer of nature,certainly needs to have at his/or her disposal,materials upon which he/or she can work”-Dr.Maria Montessori. Childern in bed to explore the environment…show more content…
Many of the puzzles and educational devices in use at the pre-school and elementary levels in the early twenty-first century are direct copies of Montessori 's original ideas. However, there is far more of her work that never entered the mainstream, and twenty-first-century educators who are searching for new, more effective answers are finding the accumulated experience of the Montessori community to be of great interest. The chief components of the Montessori method are self-motivation and autoeducation. Followers of the Montessori method believe that a child will learn naturally if put in an environment containing the proper materials. These materials, consisting of "learning games" suited to a child 's abilities and interests, are set up by a teacher-observer who intervenes only when individual help is needed. In this way, Montessori educators try to reverse the traditional system of an active teacher instructing a passive class. The typical classroom in a Montessori school consists of readily available games and toys, household utensils, plants and animals that are cared for by the children, and child-sized furniture-the invention of which is generally attributed to Dr. Montessori. Montessori educators also stress physical exercise, in accordance with their belief that motor abilities should be developed along with sensory and intellectual capacities. The major outlines of the Montessori system are based on Dr. Montessori 's writings, which
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