Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife By Mary Roach

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The book Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, is a non-fiction work by Mary Roach, that explores the unanswered questions about the afterlife. The humorous and scientific exploration includes: whether there is a soul that survives death, reincarnation, near-death experiences and out of body experiences. This is a book about what scientists are doing and have done in their attempt to find evidence that when we die we don’t just turn into bones. Roach attempts to find and the define that soul using a scientific approach in order to determine the possibilities of an afterlife. To achieve this goal, she examines what scientists have discovered in their quest to find evidence for life after death. The book begins with an exotic trip to India in search of the…show more content…
Even if they did, it would impossible to be sure that the difference in weight was due to the soul leaving the body. This fact demonstrates one of the major philosophical problems with soul science. The researchers have no idea whether the soul exists or what it is like or how it works. For most scientists, Roach explains, such obstacles are fatal to research. They have a hard time devising an experiment around so much uncertainty. Roach poses the question of how one could arbitrarily remove the uncertainty by declaring something is true even though you have no idea if it is true. She sets up this example for the reader: if your hypothesis is that a body will lose weight at death if there is a soul,and you find evidence of loss of weight then you declare that you have found evidence for the existence of the soul. Or, you can claim that if some machine responds in a particular way while in a room far from another room where somebody is claiming to do astral projection, then you have proof of astral projection. Her point is that there is not enough certainty or evidence to pinpoint the source of weight
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