Spoon River Analogy Essay

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Spoon River Analysis
Zilpha Marsh Of all the characters in Spoon River, only one has the key ingredient that makes the book complete; that person is Zilpha Marsh. Even though Zilpha is mentioned only once within the book, she represents a controversial issue debated everywhere and can be related to people in real life. Zilpha represents mystery, supernatural, and spiritual beings, every word that is written about her suggest a deeper and more complex meaning; her entire character permeates an eerie feeling that adds the extra spice to Soon River. Zilpha is the only character that follows a different pattern and has the most character within a poem. Although the poem stated nothing about her death, family, friends, or even her life, the
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Oxymoron's were used towards the end of the poem when Zilpha was talking to the townspeople and she said"…and suppose I see what you never saw…" Also Paronomasia was used when mention of the spirits Zilpha heard occurred (Chaucer, Caesar, Poe, and Marlowe). A hyperbole appeared when the term nonsense was being repeated "nonsense…. never heard of and no word for." Other terms were Archaism and Anacoluthon. In the poem the word planchette is used to describe what we call today the arrow on the Ouija board and when the poem describes stricken fields, it is referring to barren fields; both of these examples are Archaisms. An example of an Anacoluthon would be "You talk nonsense to children, don't you?" All of these rhetorical terms used in the poem created a pleasant reading situation which bettered the overall effect of Zilpha Marsh. Once the surface of Zilpha Marsh was covered, the reader could then begin to start his/her own analysis. With the setting set to "super freaky" and the terminology broken down the analysis of Zilpha begins. First of all the lighting has created a double meaning to where it not only represents light in the literal sense but in the spiritual. Within Zilpha, the shadows are dancing they could be shadows from her past, such as memories of her family, friends, and lovers, or the shadows could represent Zilpha's inner conflict between right and wrong (good and evil). Also the shadows could represent Zilpha being consumed by the very
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