Spoonface Steinberg by Lee Hall Essay

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Spoonface Steinberg by Lee Hall


Introduction- Play is written in first person, monologue, why its an unusual choice for centre character to have a disability, how people view others with disabilities in our society.

Paragraph 1- Creation of Spoonface, like of opera music (what it symbolises for her) Her numbers

Paragraph 2- Situations Spoonface is placed in- has autism and cancer, parents are splitting up, and her mother is an alcoholic. Why Hall does this and how it makes us feel.

Paragraph 3- People around Spoonface and how they react to Spoonface-
Mother turns to alcohol, Father runs off with a younger woman, Mrs
Spud telling Spoonface she is special, How each of these relationships make us feel.

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This is also unusual because there are not many other films and play productions that centre on a disabled person. Some people believe that people with disabilities are second class citizens and many people with a handicap suffer abuse whilst trying to live their lives.

Lee Hall encourages and creates a sympathetic relationship between
Spoonface and the audience in many different ways. One of these ways is the creation of Spoonfaces character.

Spoonface likes opera music and this is very important to her and it is a major theme, which runs throughout the play. It is played immediately at the beginning of the play as Spoonface starts to speak this instantly gives us the connection with her interest. Opera music is played between the different sections of the play; Lee Hall does this to provide a break from listening to one voice and to evoke emotion. For Spoonface opera music symbolises death and dying beautifully as she says when talking about opera singers, 'and everyone would be looking and they would cry and in their hearts they would weep for the poor lady - the poor lady who dies so well.' This also shows Spoonface's perception of someone dying in an opera and this makes Spoonface see beauty in death.

Spoonface does not like popular music such as Take That. She shows this when she is

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