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Television Viewing and Long-Term Weight Maintenance: Results from the National Weight Control Registry
Douglas A. Raynor,* Suzanne Phelan,† James O. Hill,‡ and Rena R. Wing†
Abstract RAYNOR, DOUGLAS A., SUZANNE PHELAN, JAMES O. HILL, AND RENA R. WING. Television viewing and long-term weight maintenance: results from the National Weight Control Registry. Obesity. 2006;14:1816 –1824. Objective: To examine the role of television (TV) viewing in long-term maintenance of weight loss. Research Methods and Procedures: All subjects (N 1422) were enrolled in the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), a national sample of adults who have maintained a minimum weight loss of 13.6 kg for at least 1 year. Participants self-reported the average number
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OBESITY Vol. 14 No. 10 October 2006

Television Viewing and Weight Loss Maintenance, Raynor et al.

the NWCR have been reported to use several strategies to maintain their weight loss, including consuming a low-fat and low-calorie diet, eating breakfast regularly, participating in high levels of activity, and weighing themselves frequently (11–13). This study describes the role of TV viewing in long-term maintenance of weight loss among NWCR members. A primary aim was to determine whether TV viewing was a relatively infrequent behavior among these successful weight losers. Another objective was to compare the extent to which TV viewing was associated cross-sectionally and prospectively with weight status, independently of physical activity levels.

Research Methods and Procedures
Participants All participants were part of the NWCR, an observational study of successful long-term maintenance of weight loss. Individuals 18 years of age who had maintained at least a 13.6 kg weight loss for at least 1 year were recruited from coverage and advertisements in various media, including newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV. Individuals who showed interest by contacting the NWCR were mailed an informed consent form. Two main variables of interest, TV viewing and weight, were assessed at the entry into the NWCR (i.e., baseline) and at 1 year. The assessment of TV viewing was initiated a few years after the start of the NWCR. For this study, the
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