Sport And Peace Development Goals

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Sport, over the years, has been used as a gateway for peace during troubling times. It’s important to note many of the core values in sport, such as fairness, discipline, and respect for the rules and others participating, are key players in the overall goal to attaining peace. According to the United Nations, those intrinsic values can help promote both the social cohesion of multiple organizations and the idea of a peaceful coexistence. The group also mentions that sport cannot be the sole contributor of change; however, it serves as a good stepping stone for conflict resolution (, 2015). The United Nations has created a set of goals, millennium development goals, which list their plans to use sport as a way to build peace (Beutler, 2008).
An interesting view on sport and peace development is looking at the Cross Cultures Project Association. The CCPA is a humanitarian organization with headquarters in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The CCPA has three major sport programs for various people in countries where a conflict has just ended. Their main focus is to develop and organize programs that promote social integration between various cultures. The programs are designed to provide the community with peaceful alternatives to their country 's violent issues (Cross Cultures Project Association | CCPA, 2015). One program is entitled “Open Fun Football Schools”, or OFFS for short. This program uses the idea of football (soccer) as a way to encourage fellowship and
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